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Hey there! I'm Erika! So glad you're here!

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Emily and Daniel’s wedding at Triple 3 Vineyard was nothing short of magical. Held at the beginning of May, the day was a beautiful blend of love, laughter, and a few unexpected surprises that made it even more memorable. The weather was stunning for most of the day, with crystal blue skies and gorgeous, white, […]

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In the gentle whispers of time, I discovered the profound truth nestled within the silent frames of a photograph- a truth etched in the heartache of loss and the sacred dance of grief. It was in the absence of a single image, a captured moment forever denied, that I unearthed the boundless significance of each […]

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Caitlin and James’ very end of winter Sunflower Hill Farm wedding in Augusta, MO was nothing short of perfect! Its always a gamble here in MO with the weather, really no matter what season it is! But for the very beginning of March in St. Louis, Caitlin and James could not have had a more […]

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Happy New Year, everyone! Days before Christmas last year, I went to deliver a wedding album and canvas to one of my sweet couples and what might’ve been a 10 minute visit ended up being 45 minutes long with an extended prayer session. Josh and Bethany’s wedding earlier this year was nothing short of a […]

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I’m posting this on December 15, 2022, but I wrote it back in January of this year. It just took me that long to figure out how to actually set up my blog! I’ve spent the whole day crying and am brokenhearted reading this today because I am confronted with the reality that I have […]

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Luxury Weddings at Elstowe Manor at Elkins Estate by Erika Cockerham of Erika Rene Photography, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Luxury editorial by Erika Cockerham of Erika Rene Photography at Laurel Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Hello Lovely!

I'm Erika! A lover of Jesus, marriage, and all things beautiful, I'm here for the couple seeking a faith-driven, artistic approach to capturing their love story. I have an unwavering passion for immortalizing special moments and unique personalities, while also helping you to slow down during this season and prepare for your marriage just as much as you're preparing for your wedding. My commitment lies in crafting an unforgettable journey that culminates in timeless visual narratives, preserving every cherished moment from intimate exchanges to grand celebrations. My couples value covenant, creativity, art, authenticity, and heartfelt connection, so if that's you, I think you just found your wedding photographer and I can't wait to get to know you! 


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"Her passion for photography shines through in every shot, capturing the essence of our special moments with grace and beauty."

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