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It thrills my heart that you've found your way here! While you were looking for a wedding photographer in St. Louis, you've found so much more-  an artist on a mission to capture your epic love story in the most creative, heartfelt, and meaningful way possible, and your biggest hype girl!
Like you, I also value authentic, deep connection, relationship, legacy, and covenant. 
Throughout our time together, I want you to feel extravagantly loved and cared for, seen, heard, and truly known, so that by the time your wedding day rolls around, you know you're free to fully embrace each moment knowing that your vision is being captured the way you've always dreamed of.

capturing the essence of love's divine dance, where every moment becomes a testament to god's exquisite workmanship

St. Louis wedding photographer

For me, photography has never been about snapping a few shots; its about celebrating the simple, the light, and profound moments, and all of the ones in between that make up the best day of your lives so far, ensuring that your love story will live far beyond the here and now and will be cherished by multiple generations to come. 

I know how important it is to you to work with someone who feels more like a friend than a vendor, and that's why all of my couples truly become family to me! 

We have so much in common, you and me. Like you, I'm an artist, and this journey began long before I picked up a camera. With a background in musical theatre, opera, and classical piano, I've always been drawn to the transformative power of art, music, and storytelling. Its this passion for creativity, art direction, and authentic expression that infuses my process and every photograph I take, elevating your wedding experience and memories into timeless works of art. 

You're not looking for another vendor. You're looking for someone who understands and values covenant the same way you love Jesus and you want your wedding to be captured by someone who also deeply loves Him! 

As a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, I believe your love story is a reflection of God's love for His people. I view each wedding as a sacred sonnet, penned by the Divine hand of love itself. It's this belief that inspires me to serve you and your loved ones with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that your wedding day not only celebrates your love for each other, but also honors the divine covenant you're entering into. It's this belief that transforms mere moments into timeless echos of eternity, weaving together your narrative with threads of beauty, grace, and redemption.

So, if you're a couple who dances to the rhythm of the celestial melodies of covenant, who cherishes artistry, authenticity, and the beauty that points to the One who created it all in the first place, you've found your maestro! Let us orchestrate a masterpiece together, where every glance, every touch, every smile, and every happy tear becomes a verse in the epic saga of your devotion to each other and to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Faith in Jesus Christ

But what sets me apart the most is the reason you're here in the first place, and the most important foundation that we share....

'From the moment we met her, her kindness and genuine enthusiasm for her work were striking, making us feel completely at ease and confident in her hands." 

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