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St. Louis Wedding Photographer, Erika Rene Photography, shares her heart

In the gentle whispers of time, I discovered the profound truth nestled within the silent frames of a photograph- a truth etched in the heartache of loss and the sacred dance of grief. It was in the absence of a single image, a captured moment forever denied, that I unearthed the boundless significance of each seemingly fleeting snapshot. 

As I gazed upon the empty space where a portrait of my beloved aunt, gone far too soon at 46, and me together, should have hung, my soul awakened to the delicate beauty of remembrance. In her absence, I found solace in the laughter frozen in time, in the tender embrace of cherished moments immortalized in the fragile embrace of paper and ink….but oh, what I wouldn’t give to have that non-existent photograph of the two of us together! 

God tells us in His word that we are not promised tomorrow. It is this very sentiment- that death is inevitable- that became the catalyst for a revelation- a revelation that transformed my lens from a mere instrument of light into a vessel of sacred storytelling. For in the tender gaze of a grieving widow, in the joyous laughter of a radiant bride, the tears of a groom gushing from his eyes as he sees the one he loves for the first time on their wedding day, the smiles of your grandparents and parents as they celebrate the ever faithful One who brought you and your soon to be spouse together, I see not just faces, but legacies unfolding. It is these moments, these sacred fragments of eternity, that I bear witness to the handiwork of the Divine Artist, painting His masterpiece upon the canvas of our lives.

With each click of the shutter, I am bestowed a holy privilege- to capture not only beauty and smiles, but raw emotions and the very essence of love’s eternal dance. For it is likely that in the quiet shadows of tomorrow, my lens shall frame the final chapter of a beloved’s journey- a journey immortalized in the thoughtful art and whispers of your photographs, by which they shall be remembered. With all the depth of my soul, I do not take this privilege lightly, nor for granted. 


Love for Jesus, love for my husband, and love for people, especially, my couples. 

bride and groom outside the Stone House of St. Charles on their wedding day
photo by Erika Rene Photography

 I see you. I get you. You’re a sentimental sap too, aren’t you? : ) Your eyes are a little wider, you stay a little longer, hug a little tighter, dream a little deeper,  and are always up for a great adventure. You wear your heart on your sleeve and have a deep, abiding joy that no disastrous circumstance has ever been able to alter. You believe for the best, love people at their worst, and value photography above most things because your photographs are what allows you to relive life’s most precious moments. You know that a photograph has the power to take you back to how you FELT the moment it was taken. You love and you love HARD. You love DEEP. You love with all your heart and all your soul. And THAT is the story you want your wedding photography to tell…the story of a love that covers over a multitude of sin, that lays down its life for its beloved, that becomes the hands and feet of Christ to one’s spouse, that celebrates every moment that God blesses you with together, and a love that points the rest of the world to His goodness, greatness, and everlasting love.

Love is YOUR reason for everything too! On your wedding day, you want to spend it with someone who gets you, who understands how important this day is and how valuable your memories are to you. You’re looking for someone who simultaneously brings a calming presence to moments of chaos, and also brings a ton of energy and fun to every situation. Someone who will laugh and cry with you through all of the amazing moments of this incredible day. An artist and a friend. A guide and a confidante. Something extraordinary…
Your quest ends here! 

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