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St. Louis Senior Portraits: Victorian Footbridge and Gateway Arch

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St. Louis Senior photography sessions are in full swing as we had an AMAZING day together for Marin’s Senior Session in Forest Park and beyond! We adventured all over Forest park- from the Victorian Foot Bridge to the Pagoda and the Grand Basin- and then made our way to Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park where a stunning view of the St. Louis skyline and beloved Gateway Arch made an incredible backdrop for this gorgeous girl’s senior portraits. Erika at work

For 10 years before I became a photographer, I taught high school students private voice, piano, and acting. Marin came into my studio just before she entered high school, and by the time she was finishing high school, I was beginning my photography career! I have always had a heart for high school girls and have been passionate about empowering, encouraging, championing, and lifting them up, so it was only natural to do this from behind the lens of a camera instead of from behind a piano! Same mission, different medium!

From the moment I met Marin, we instantly clicked! I had the privilege of being a part of all 4 years of her high school experience and watching her growth as a musician and performer, so when it was time for her to take center stage in the city of St. Louis, it was easy to capture perfection! I truly consider it one of my life’s greatest honors to get to know someone as deeply as I was able to get to know Marin and to capture one of life’s most momentous times in one’s journey- their senior year!

We started with hair and make up (and where I was also on the floor painting her toenails because she noticed she forgot to do that and was wearing sandals…there’s nothing I won’t do for my clients to make their experience an amazing one and to make them feel their most beautiful!) and then we headed to the Victorian Foot Bridge. From there, we went to the Pagoda and to the Grand Basin, of course with amazing outfits changes for every scene. Everyone who photographs with me will be happy to know that I have a pop up changing tent in my car at all times so that you can always change in comfort and privacy no matter where we end up! Popuptent

Our last stop was the iconic St. Louis arch where Marin SLAYED every single frame! We sung the Bohemian Rhapsody in the car at the top of her lungs as we drove in between locations, meanwhile, my lovely husband filmed many of our moments together! arch

Marin’s senior session was published in the Fall 2022 edition of Senior Year Magazine which we couldn’t be more thrilled about!

Marin is now a freshman at Mizzou and I have no doubt slaying the scene there as she is one of the most outgoing, friendly, joyful, amazing girls I’ve ever known!


  1. Cindy Jurgens says:

    Marin adores you! We were all blown away with her pictures! Not only beautiful and high quality, but so unique! Thank you, Erika!

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