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SLU Campus Rep Team Valentine’s Day at Styled & Staged St. Louis

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St. Louis College photographer, Erika Rene Photography and the SLU Campus Rep Team had an amazing time downtown St. Louis at Styled and Staged for our very first session of the year- a Valentine’s Day session! We began with a meet and greet where I presented each girl with a personalized gift bag full of her favorite snacks and a welcome note. After our meet and greet, the girls got to shoot Valentine’s Day content against 2 beautiful backdrops. One even had hanging flowers!

As a senior photographer, I’ve witnessed firsthand the lack of attention given to college students when it comes to capturing their experiences. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to change that narrative! College is a time of growth, friendship, and unforgettable moments, and I believe that those moments deserve to be beautifully preserved.

One of the ways I’m committed to making an impact is through the Erika Rene Campus Rep Team. This dynamic group of girls represents my business on the campus of Saint Louis University (SLU), spreading the word about my services and helping to create a strong sense of community among the students. They’re excited to have beautiful photos of their time in college and dedicated to ensuring that every student at SLU has access to high-quality photography services for all their needs.

My goal is to become the go-to photographer at SLU for everything from headshots to sorority events to senior pictures and more. It would thrill me to be there to capture every milestone and every memory, creating a visual legacy that students can look back on fondly for years to come!

Whether you’re looking for a St. Louis college photographer for your headshots, a sorority seeking stunning event photography, or a senior ready to commemorate your achievements, I’m here to help create something unforgettable!


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